Optical Fiber Technician

Optical fiber technician is responsible for maintaining uptime and quality of the network segment (both optical media & equipment) assigned to him by undertaking periodic preventive maintenance activities and ensuring effective fault management in case of fault occurrence. He is also required to coordinate activities for installation and commissioning of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) as per the route plan. This job requires the individual to work closely with multiple teams and operate in field which may consist of difficult terrain. The individual should be able to handle high pressure situations and be analytical to successfully perform the assigned responsibilities. It is preferred that individual is well versed with local language to coordinate with local labors.



Optical Fiber Splicer

Optical fibre splicer is responsible for ensuring efficient splicing of the optical fibre cables and supports in optical fibre installation and in carrying out fibre testing using OTDR and power meter. This job requires the individual to work in field set-up and be able to handle pressure situations. He should have basic written and oral communication skills and should be able to apply practical judgement to successfully perform the assigned responsibilities.


  • Introduction to Telecommunication
  • Introduction to Optic Fiber
  • Fiber Optic ITU Standard
  • Fiber Optic Cables & Devices: Components of an optical communication system, Light sources − LED and Laser Diodes, Photo Detectors, Cable installation & laying methods and techniques
  • Splicing: Cable preparation, Fusion Splicing Method, Mechanical Splicing, Mechanical vs. Fusion splicing
  • Test Equipment: Light Source Optical Power Meter and OTDR
  • Link budget, Fiber optic link elements, Passive optical networks- FTTX Networks
  • Practical Training & Soft Skills
Eligibility : ITI / Diploma / Bachelor in Technology (any field)
Duration : 1 Month
Certification : Upon successful completion you will receive certificate from NSDC and Telecom Sector Skill Council.

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