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TSM Broadband Courses

Territory Sales Manager Broadband

TSM Broadband is responsible for installation, configuration and testing of CPE (modem, routers and switches) for broadband access. He also establishes connectivity between CPE and end-user device (CPU, Laptop, tablets, Smart/IP TV etc.) at customer premises and carries out basic trouble-shooting for identifying, localizing & rectifying cable, connectivity and equipment fault in coordination with NOC.


Big Academy offers comprehensive training to professionals, career seekers, students to design, develop, support and implement solutions for on field, real world situations, using the latest products and technologies. The institute stands strong on the foundation of its profound technical background and extremely Knowledgeable and dedicated faculty. We have merged a few TSSC jobroles and create a unique course for Telecom & Computer Engineers.


Eligibility : ITI / Diploma / Bachelor in Technology (any field)

Duration : 1 Month.

Certification : Upon successful completion you will receive certificate from BIGFIX and Telecom Sector Skill Council.

  •   System wiring and equipment installation at customer premises.
  •   Identify and mark cable route from PoP to customer premise.
  •   Identify and mark cable route within customer premise.
  •   Identify suitable position for equipment positioning.
  •   Undertake wiring, termination and equipment installation.
  •   Configuration of equipment and establishing Broadband connectivity.
  •   Configuration of CPE (wired and wireless).
  •   Establishing connectivity with the service provider gateway.
  •   Establishing connectivity between CPE and end-user device.
  •   Trouble-shoot to localize and rectify faults.
  •   Trouble shoot cable and connector faults.
  •   Trouble shoot CPE (modem, router, switch).
  •   Trouble shoot configuration and connectivity issues between CPE & service provider gateway and between CPE & end user device.
  •   Report and document fault, corrective action and the status.
  •   UPS installation & Domestic Power Supply checks.
  •   Use of voltage/current meters.
  •   Power Supply checks at 5/15 Amp power socket.
  •   Earthing checks.
  •   Installation of UPS.
  •   Routing of supply to equipment through UPS.
  •   Precautions whilst handling live power supply.
  •   Familiasssrity with UPS (battery, charger etc.).
  •   Basic maintenance of AC.